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Discover the place created by designers. People who know & love Lisbon.

Welcome to the most artistic hotel in downtown Lisbon! This family-run Boutique Hotel focuses on turning guest accommodation into a form of art. Lisbon Art Stay is a family project that has been growing from only one rental apartment to the fifty-two room hotel that it is today. Lisbon Art Stay is a mix of three renewed 19th-century buildings that mirror the charm and bohemian spirit of the Baixa.

Truly one of a kind

Lisbon Art Stay is a breath of fresh air for anyone seeking a stay "less ordinary." A chilled-chic design hotel flavored with love for humor, playfulness, and a hearty dose of soul. We care about each and every guest and want to make your stay unforgettable! Our biggest reward seeing you smile.

Apartments Entrance

A place of Inspiration.
Flaunting an incredible location, right on the Rua Augusta, the most legendary pedestrian street of Portugal, Lisbon Art Stay offers uniquely individually designed rooms and utterly luxurious Pombalino apartments with magnificent views overlooking the most magical neighborhoods of Lisbon. 

Lisbon Art Stay is a top-notch boutique hotel in the city center that will become your starting point for your very own Lisbon experience. You are located right in the beating heart of the city, just a breath away from the Elevador Santa Justa and the sacred Castelo Sao Jorge. You can easily enjoy the comfort of being within walking distance of all the delights that the capital has to offer. 

For over ten years now, Lisbon Art Stay has been the trendsetter in the capital, as attested by national and international publications and numerous awards. Lisbon Art Stay is meant to attract people looking for something different, an unpretentious atmosphere, and opportunities to connect with locals that share similar interests.

a gathering point for creatives.

Lisbon Art Stay is a world within a hotel: it oozes fine living with a sense of drama. A preciously guarded address in the world of music, film, fashion, and art connoisseurs, who treasure and desire unapologetic beauty. The person who loves Lisbon Art Stay is as individual as the hotel. Timeless and aesthetic since its opening in 2011, Lisbon Art Stay plays the balance of flashy excess and warm hospitality.

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Explore our colorful corridors filled with astonishing artworks painted on our doors by Chiara-Livia Gerer, celebrating Amália, Almada Negreiros, Camões, and many other local legends.

Built around inspirational design, sophisticated charm, and excellent service, Lisbon Art Stay redefines how a hotel looks and behaves.

The unique designs and decorations arranged by the interior designers Angi G and Chiara-Livia Gerer aim to create an elegant atmosphere like no other. Combined with daily live music shows, a modern take on traditional Portuguese cuisine and, an exotic cocktail bar at its delightful in-house restaurant NAVEGA, we aspire to make your stay truly memorable.


Top-Secret must-sees

in beautiful Lisbon

Top tips exclusively from us to you.

Bridge at Sunset
Lisbon Art Stay Entrance
We are family
At Lisbon Art Stay, we are one. A family together with staff and guests, where the main objective is art & love. Lisbon Art Stay is a family project born from a dream to share the best aspects of the Baixa Pombalina with the world. Below is an image of the G-fam winning the Expedia Top-producer award.
Gerer Family

LISBON ART STAY décor gives guests the sensation of being completely enveloped by art & beauty. 


Angi G & Chiara-Livia Gerer have crafted an homage to the great designers and Portuguese famous personalities who have greatly influenced Portuguese culture and art. Angi G & Chiara's intention was to blend the past and the present by juxtaposing historical construction and modern design. 

Individual pieces of Chiara's unconventional art sparked Angi G's design process. Angi G used contemporary and futuristic furniture with radiant color schemes and unique shapes to transform the interiors. Angela's visionary designs and Chiara's exquisite artwork make this boutique hotel playground a hub for today's experience-minded globe trotter and art lover. 


Inside Lisbon Art Stay's carefully curated sanctuary of art and design, time seems to stand still.

A little Xmas video we did as a family at a Lisbon studio called Bairroup.

The G - Family

Our founders

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