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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Lisbon Art Stay as an influencer and social media storyteller. We utilize social media to build awareness and drive conversations in a unique and fun way in order to highlight all that Lisbon Art Stay has to offer. We aim to work with creative minds who share our passion for travel, art, design, and discovering new destinations. We are always looking for fresh perspectives and new opportunities to share engaging content and showcase the people, places, and experiences that define the world of Lisbon Art Stay. 


Our hotel is known for its unusual, flashy design, residential feel, and personal service. Do you want to collaborate with us as an ambassador? Let’s get in touch! We are looking for influencers who are highly engaged with their audience, have a loyal following, favor content quality over quantity, and whose personal brand aligns with the hotel’s target audience, values, and marketing goals.


If you are interested in working with us to share your travel story, please fill out the form below.


Since there is limited availability in our hotel, we give priority to those applicants that create content in areas most relevant to our Lisbon Art Stay brand. For a possible collaboration, keep in mind that we expect 3 stories per day and 1 instagram post with # of the hotel for a complimentary stay, and a review blog with the hotel address in case you do have a blog.


Please note, only applicants that we are interested in working with will be contacted.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Requests are subject to availability and may be difficult to honor on specific dates and peak travel periods. Please submit your request a minimum of fourteen days in advance of your desired stay. You will receive a response from our marketing team with 72 hours of completion of your form. Filling out the form does not guarantee that your request will be honored. 

Influencer Form

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